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SFVNA Annual Meeting 4/21/2013

posted Apr 21, 2013, 3:21 PM by Ken Tuley
The annual meeting of the Santa Fe Village Neighborhood Association was held on Sunday, April 21, 2013 at the Taylor Ranch Library. After a few business items, we heard from a number of people.
Dennis Newton and Ken Tuley talked about the importance of being involved in the Association, no matter what level. President Donna Rigano then listed a few tasks we could use help with. Being a board member, organizing or helping organize the September 21, rummage sale, (our only source of funds), being in charge of obtaining from the city and placing in the dog park, the bags dog park users use to clean up after their dogs.
Resident Joyce was thanked for her contribution of $50 to the association.
Board member Bruce Armstrong is doing a project and asked for input on priorities for neighborhood associations. He'll report on that in the future.

Residents had questions about the traffic coming down Unser, and an influx of roaches and water bugs. Traffic was addressed to a limited extent later, and the resident with the roach issue was directed to talk to Ken Sanchez' office. His representative made direct contact with the resident.

Joseph Sanchez, Superintendent of the Petroglyph National Monument spoke about the relationship between the association and the park. They will be expanding their speaker and interprative programs and would like to communicate to our members via our email system. His department is also concerned about the speed of the traffic coming down the hill. One of the ranger was in an accident due to a speeding red light runner. Please remember to clean up after your pet while in the monument, and keep your dog on a lease. They remove tons of dog waste every year. Barbara Taylor from the City of Albuquerque, jumped in to add that the number one source of pollution to the Rio Grande is dog waste. Superintendent Sanchez also stated they have a plan to deal with the fire danger, that there are fire breaks on top the mesa and that residents should be vigilant in regards to fire.

Leslie Munoz from the Mayor's office talked about city programs, of most note to SFVNA, is that blue recycling bins will be delivered in July.

Elaine Romero from Ken Sanchez's office said she had heard about the traffic issues, neighborhood sign issues, parking in neighborhoods during events, (soccer), and that the surface streets in SFVNA need some major work to repair cracks. She also provide the following contact information for the city councilor.
City Office 768-3183
Cell Phone 730-0967
Office 836-0000

Kevin Eads (?) and Mike Tran from the Unser project spoke about the project. It's really part of a bigger project to provide continuity from Vulcan to Santa Domingo. The design is for the median to be narrowed to provide room for wider traffic lanes, trails and bike lanes. The project will also provide a continuous sidewalk, better wheel chair ramp access, drainage, and access to bus stops. part of the design is to provide longer and/or double turning lanes at Montano and Unser. Due to the I-25 and Paseo del Norte project, and the need for traffic to have alternative north/south routes, this project IS ON HOLD, for approximately 2 years. It was scheduled to start this summer. 

Barbara Taylor talked briefly about landscape options, once the project begins.

A final reminder about the rummage sale on September 21, a push to get involved, and a request that when you go to your mailbox this week, please remove the sign announcing today's meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 3pm.

Pictures are posted to the picture section of the website.