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Lots of Lights!

posted Mar 18, 2012, 8:02 PM by SFVNA Webmaster
Once again the residents in Santa Fe Village decorated their homes for the holidays and for the rest of us to enjoy. The board of directors serving as judges for the contest as they do every year, toured the neighborhood during the evening of 12/21 and selected two winners. 7209 Cienega and 7001 Montano. All three of last year’s winners received honorable mention, and might have won outright, if it weren’t for the rule that you can’t win prizes two years in a row. Check out the pictures below for a sample of the winners and other highlights of our contest. Of course, touring the neighborhood to see the lights for yourself is also highly recommended. Thanks to all who participated and for those you who didn’t, well there’s always next year and the sales on decorations are just beginning.

Check out the photo page for more highlights.

Originally posted Wednesday, December 21, 2011