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Flooding Update

posted Oct 29, 2014, 9:19 PM by Ken Tuley

I am Tom Baechle, a resident for the last 21 years or so on Lamar up near Rockress Court and I 
was recently elected to serve on the SFVNA Board of Directors with the main, initial responsibility 
to represent them on the Flooding/Sedimentation/Erosion (FSE) Committee. I apologize if you 
received this letter multiple times as we are in the process of developing a composite email list 
for everyone in Santa Fe Village that was affected by Flooding, Sedimentation or Erosion.

I am writing to request help from my neighbors to provide some follow up related to water 
damage to the property of residents of Santa Fe Village. Over the last year or so we have had 
major flooding of homes, erosion channels growing six to eight feet deep behind homes, and 
property being actively undermined by the storm water flowing in our arroyos. Other residents 
may see increasing amounts of water flowing and/ or a change of course of nearby arroyos.The 
SFVNA Board has asked me to gather a group of residents who can continue to monitor 
drainage patterns, identify potential drainage problems and communicate that information with 
their neighbors and the Neighborhood Association Board.

We've also been promised some help by outside governmental agencies and elected 
officials. We would have the assistance and support of the SFVNA to work with them, if we 

Every property in Santa Fe Village is impacted by the recent storm water drainage problems. 
Even if your property is not directly impacted by the storm water drainage, these issues can 
directly affect the property valuations of homes in our community.

To adequately and accurately represent the different perspectives of our water problems, I 
would like to have several volunteers from areas that:
- Have been flooded in the past,
- Are experiencing active erosion behind their homes or undermining of their property lines,
- Have an arroyo near their home that may have more water diverted into it in the future and
- Residents who do not abut drainage areas, but have an interest in our community.

With enough community investment and active participation, time commitments could be 
minimal. Much of the coordination could be done on line or by phone.

I have been visiting some neighbors near by me to tell them about this project. I would 
encourage you to consider being active with this project. To find out more, you can contact me 
at At a minimum, since every resident is not connected to one of our 
internet lists, please speak to neighbors on either side of you or across your street and tell them 
about this effort. Give them a copy of this email or refer them to me.

Thank you very much,

Tom Baechle