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Annual Meeting Minutes

posted Mar 18, 2012, 7:57 PM by SFVNA Webmaster

Annual Meeting Minutes ˆMay 1, 2011 at 2pm

Donna Rigano opened the meeting and greeted the neighborhood attendees.  The meeting was held inside the library due to inclement weather. 

The SFVNA Board was introduced:

o   President, Donna Rigano

o   Vice President - Craig Kelley

o   Secretary/Treasure ˆ Evelyn Kelley

o   Board Member  ˆ Ed Fallon 

o   Board Member ˆ Dennis Newton ˆ Immediate Past President

o   Board Member ˆ Ken Tuley - Past President  ˆ Historian

o   Alternate Board Member ˆ Jim Spiri

o   Former Board Member ˆ Bruce Fuller

The budget for the 2010-2011 year was reviewed:

·      Opening Balance:                                                        $405.14

o   Expenses                    $548.70
o   Income                        $512.85
·      Ending Balance                                                            $372.29

Past Years Projects Were Discussed

o   Landscaping at Dellyne/Bogart

o   Recognized the Perez and Holt families donation of trees

o   Holiday Decoration Contest

§  Donated Gift Certificates by:

§  Hannah and Nate‚s ˆ breakfast or lunch for 2

§  Torino Italian Restaurant ˆ breakfast for 2

§  Sakura Sushi and Grill ˆ 2 - $20 certificates

o   Annual Rummage Sale

o   Lights in the Dog Park

o   Grant ˆ $3000

§  Brochures and survey

§  Finish Dellyne/Bogart; Vulcan Entrance

§  New Sign for Vulcan Entrance

Future Projects Were Discussed

o   Finish beautification projects of Dellyne/Bogart and Vulcan entrances

o   Annual Rummage Sale to be held in September

o   Holiday Decoration Project

o   Neighborhood Patrol

o   Neighborhood Watch (To be formed by residents block by block)

o   Potential for new Grant ˆ need suggestions and volunteers from the community

Guest Speakers were as follows:

Joe Sanchez, Petroglyph National Park spoke briefly before leaving for a prior commitment.

David Waters, TRNA Patrol:  Spoke about the Neighborhood Watch Program, brought written materials as handouts.  TRNA has 12 patrols that cruise the neighborhoods at random intervals.  The Coordinator is Fred van Berkel (, 899-2738).  Business cards read „a voluntary citizen‚s patrol in cooperation with the APD‰.  The city provides a training which is mandatory for the program. Their goal is not to solve crime, but prevent it.

Dan Lewis, City Counselor:  Spoke about the Unser road project and landscaping that will be done between Montano and Dellyne.  Barbara Taylor will be in contact with the Board to discuss plant options etc.  The Unser project should be done by Spring 2012.  Should anyone have any specific questions, Linda Morgan Davis from the library reported that the construction group meets at the library Wednesday mornings at 10am.  Abatement issues should be reported to 311, but can be reported directly to Lewis‚ office.  May 17 is the grand opening for the new APD command center.

Michelle Griffin, County Commissioner, District 1:  Spoke regarding county issues.  She is on the metro transit board and is involved in transportation and is working on the issues involving commutes from the west side to the east side.  She is visiting Portland to gain more information from that city regarding their transportation plan.  Her phone number is 206-0984.  Michelle‚s assistants are Ashley and Kelley and they can be reached at 468-7027.

Sander Rue, State Senator:  Spoke regarding the legislative developments from the last session.  In particular he asked neighbors to get educated and involved in the redistricting that is going to happen.

Giselle Alvarez, Mayor‚s Office:  Spoke of the town hall meetings that will be taking place and invited neighbors to attend.  She coordinates 51 Boards and Commissions and is always looking for volunteers. She urged neighbors to call 311, then 242-COPS for issues involving the neighborhood.

Linda Morgan Davis, Area Manager Taylor Ranch Library:  Spoke of the summer reading group and the knitting group meetings at the library. 

Diane Souder, Petroglyph National Park:  Spoke about the need for safety in the petroglyphs with respect to dogs, wild animals etc.  She provided informative brochures of activities and events taking place at the Petroglyph Visitor Center.

Ed Fallen, SFVNA Board Member:  Spoke of the crime prevention training he attended and gave tips for staying safe in the neighborhood.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:15pm
Originally posted Sunday, May 1, 2011