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2014 Annual Meeting Notes

posted May 4, 2014, 7:27 PM by Ken Tuley   [ updated May 4, 2014, 7:35 PM ]
The 2014 annual meeting of the Santa Fe Village Neighborhood Association was held at 2pm on Sunday, May 4, 2014 at the Taylor Ranch Library pavilion. 

During the Business meeting, President Donna Rigano report an increase in our bank balance from 287.79 to 396.94 based mostly on revenue from participating in the Taylor Ranch Neighborhood Flea Market. This continues to be our only fundraiser. It's held in September of each year.

being involved in our community and association is critical to its success. Two people were acknowledged for the role they have taken on. 
Sherri for maintaining the Mutt Mitt Stations
Marie for organizing a clean up day.
We still other folks to step up to take on the leadership of these tasks.

In addition to the flea market, and the annual holiday home decorating contest, the association offered $100 dollar projects. This is resulting in additional benches around the library and information to be distributed regarding the eradication of puncture weeds (the goat heads). 
In working on the Bench idea, the city is stepping up to take care of this project. Weed information is forthcoming.
Other projects suggested were gray ideas, just not feasible due mostly to land owner issues.

The Flea Market and Holiday decorating contest are on tap for September and December respectively, however we need some members to help out with the organization.

In our last neighborhood survey, the number 1 request of residents was the need for a neighborhood patrol. We can do this, we have the equipment, vests, lights, signs, door hangers. All we need are folks to take a 4 hour training class. The class can be arranged for us specifically if we get about 8 people to sign up. There is no need to interact with anyone. simply drive the neighborhood and call in any suspicious activity. If interested please contact the board thru our email service. 

Remember National Night Out is Tuesday, August 5 this year. plan a block party or get together with your neighbors to ensure you know who your neighbors and their pets are.

The association also encourages you to donate to the Roadrunner Food Bank.   

There is the potential for another grant from the city to fund a project in our neighborhood. Got an idea? talk to us. it's an easy process.

Board meetings not always face to face and many times it's jut via email. If you have an idea, concern or just want to talk to board members, just let us know. The email list is the best place. 

Two year terms are up for our current officers 
We NEED replacements!
Bruce will stay on the board, Donna will continue as past president, Dennis and Ken will continue to provide support through their current roles. Dennis in representing us with the city and the Westside Coalition of Neighborhood Associations and Ken thru the maintenance of the website and our email system.

Donna related that she got involved with the board due to the need to be on top of the Unser reconstruction project and what could happen to our neighborhood if we are not active.
Ken added that having an active association, resulted in a decent looking well house, the northern end of our park, and other projects that would have turned out differently has the association not been active.
Dennis added the involvement in other projects and that the association is the only mechanism we have to have our views and concerns recognized.

We then moved into the speaker section of the meeting. 
First up, the new NW Area Commander, Commander Dodi Camacho
new to the area command, but not the west side and is excited to be back in the NW.
wants to boost communication will reinstate the crime prevention newsletter
says she is a participatory leader
Planning on staying for years
Open to suggestions
Crime Stats for our area are much better than last year, but emphasized that it's up to is to watch out for each other, especially now with low numbers of APD officers. 

Pete Gelabert, Crime Prevention Specialist
Property crimes in our area are down over a year ago
Residential number one item is flat screen and other electronics
In city- there has been a slight rise in auto burglary.  Every victim left something of value in vehicle. They even has surveillance video of criminals looking in a car first to see if there is anything of value before breaking into the car. No valuable, no breaking.

Neighborhood patrol.  
4 hour training.  Will do a training just for us if we get 8 people

Lastly, if you see anything out of line, call 242-COPS. if nothing else, it creates a paper trail for future action. 

The librarian from the children's section of our library pointed out that criminals are folks that don't read. and that if we get our kids reading they won't be criminals.
Library is open 7 days a week.
Activities include....story time on Tuesday, adult programs, crafts and summer reading program. 
A calendar of events for May was distributed and will be added to our association calendar.
there is also an opportunity for teenagers to volunteer for the summer reading program. get application in the library.

Folks from the city provided an update on the Unser Reconstruction project from Dellynne to Montano. 
After a slight delay due to the reconstruction of Paseo del Norte, this project is now scheduled to begin in early 2015. it's a 6 month project, 3.2 million dollars.
adding bike lanes, no additional driving lanes
Trail on the west side, filling gaps.
sidewalks on east
all additional space needed will be taken from the median
will get dual left turns from Montano to southbound Unser
public notification meeting before construction starts.
also a meeting on choosing the landscaping once project gets started. (one choice is like what was done Ladera to Ouray)

a suggestion from the audience to take another look at the Montano/Unser intersection, it's very dangerous in its current configuration.

Traffic at Western trails and Unser is busy for 20-40 minutes during morning and afternoon rush hour, but it's not enough to make changes. City will continue to watch (it's on their radar) but at this time, not enough traffic to make any changes.

The rain and subsequent mud slide last September resulted in the city removing about 8000 cubic yards of silt.
The city and monument folks are working together to put a prevention plan in place. A survey of the area and problem has been completed, a report is due at end of May. Monument folks have also done a survey. Report is available from Diane Souder at the monument.

Due to all the questions and issues surrounding this issue, a special meeting to discuss just this topic will be set up in early June once the city report is released.

City Councilor Ken Sanchez was represented by staffer Elaine Romero
The city is working with the library and has arranged for funding for new blinds and upgrades to the parking lot.
Improvement to the park are coming soon. will include exercise equipment like in Mariposa Park. New kids playground equipment will be added as well, including a mini zip line. pictures will be posted to the web.
After conversation with the association, benches will be added along walk south and east of library, more trees will be planted.

A suggestion from the audience to consider adding a real pathway from the parking lot to the dog park, to hopefully prevent so many cars from parking on the dirt to the south of the dog park.

Meeting ended with another request to consider joining the board or officers of the association. 

(one person volunteered. we really need 2 or 3 more folks. Please consider volunteering to keep our association vital and viable.)

Submitted by Ken Tuley

Ken Tuley,
May 4, 2014, 7:33 PM
Ken Tuley,
May 4, 2014, 7:33 PM